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CIVITAS ROMANA is a cultural association for historical reconstruction and experimental archaeology.  Its headquarters are located in the Urbs where the association uses the name CIVILTA' ROMANA.  The association aims to be a cultural reference point about the history and civilization of Rome, at local, national and international level and to disseminate this knowledge among the general public.  The association is hereby supported by the administration of Rome.

 CIVITAS ROMANA has a military and civilian department in Italy and a religious division in Belgium.  Besides several important Roman rituals and ceremonies such as the wedding and burial, the religious background of everyday life is also explained.  It elaborates on the relationship between religion and the Gallo-Roman cuisine as well as slavery.  Also, more explanation is given on the mystery religion of Mithras.

Latest News


CIVITAS ROMANA wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The pictures of the past year can be seen in the gallery.

Rome celebrates its birthday! Happy 2767 aVc.

CIVITAS ROMANA brings coming week a visit to Rome to celebrate with our Italian friends the birthday of the Eternal City.

CENA ROMANA in Tongeren

CIVITAS ROMANA and Corbvlo have aided to entertain the 150 guests of the CENA ROMANA which took place on the 22nd of March in Tongeren.  Our priest and herbal woman shared their knowledge through anecdotes and examples.

CENA ROMANA in Tongeren

CIVITAS ROMANA starts the season in Belgium's oldest city.  Together with Corbvlo, we'll entertain the guests at the CENA ROMANA which will take place in Tongeren on the 22nd March.

CIVILTA' ROMANA conquers Europe

After its creation in Italy in 2010, CIVILTA' ROMANA is now focusing on Europe.

CIVITAS ROMANA is the European branch of the association and the group has expanded with a religious department.  The list of members is also getting a European flavour because of the different nationalities that enriches the association.


At the evening opening of the Museum Park Orientalis in Nijmegen, CIVITAS ROMANA stood shoulder to shoulder with Corbvlo.  The many visitors made a tour through the Christmas story and encountered the Romans who were working on a census.

The enthusiasm of the re-enactors, the warm campfire and the tasty snacks made the evening a success.

High Tech Romans

CIVITAS ROMANA was also present at the opening of the exhibition "High Tech Romans" at Technopolis, Mechelen.  With oils, herbs and medical objects the visitor was informed about the medical knowledge of the Romans.

Sempervivetum in Simpelveld

Together with our good friends of Corbvlo, CIVITAS ROMANA tended to the religious ceremony during the weekend of 20 and 21 July in Simpelveld-Bocholtz.


CIVITAS ROMANA CIVITAS ROMANA has a wide range of activities and shows that are presented on a separate page. Examples are:

  • Roman troops from the Augustan period
  • De imperial family and court
  • Roman everyday life
  • Rituals and ceremonies
  • Workshops for children and adults