Basic standard package


Religion in the everyday life

Religion was very important in the life of the ancient Romans and it connected all aspects of society.  CIVITAS ROMANA therefore offers a unique look at the Roman religion in daily life.  From the morning prayer and the Roman priest colleges to the mystery religion of Mithras, CIVITAS ROMANA brings all this to make visitors understand and experience the Roman culture even better.


Daily needs

Everyday life in Rome knew many facets.  CIVITAS ROMANA addresses some of the topics that appear in the daily needs of the Romans.  Our Gallo-Roman kitchen offers all sorts of dishes that used to be on the table.  A doctor shows the state of the Roman medical knowledge and finally slaves are also traded to ease the work.

Extended standard package


The armies of the first Emperor

Who says Rome, thinks immediately to the Roman legions.  CIVITAS ROMANA has chosen Legio XIII Gemina at the time of Emperor Augustus.  The equipment of these soldiers formed the transition period between the Republican troops and the well-known Imperial troops.  Legio XIII Gemina likes to show visitors this interesting military period which is often overlooked in the world of re-enactment.


Augustus and the Imperial Court

In 27 BC Octavian became the first emperor of Rome under the name Augustus.  Together with his wife Livia he laid the basis for the Roman Empire that endured for 500 years.  CIVITAS ROMANA lets visitors get acquainted with the political life in Rome and the influence that Roman women exercised behind the scenes.

Extra options


Experience a Roman marriage

The ancient Romans knew different types of marriages.  CIVITAS ROMANA offers the most important Roman marriage, the confarreatio, as a show in which visitors can participate and everyone can experience a Roman marriage.  The priest explains all the rituals which are carried out.  A further option that CIVITAS ROMANA offers, is the wedding party with authentic dishes.

CIVITAS ROMANA offers this authentic experience exclusively.


Experience a Roman funeral

The funeral of the ancient Romans is characterized by a mourning procession that brings the dead to his final resting place, while evil spirits try to lure the soul of the deceased.  CIVITAS ROMANA allows visitors to take part in the whole burial ritual, from the start of the funeral procession to the lighting of the stake.  All this is accompanied by historical explanation. 

CIVITAS ROMANA offers this authentic experience exclusively.

Initiation to the Mithraic cult

The Mithraic cult was a mystery religion and was only accessible for men.  Unlike the traditional Roman religion, a follower of Mithras had to undergo a secret initiation ritual.  Our Mithraic priest consecrates a male visitor and shows with accompanying explanation the secrets of this cult to the public.

CIVITAS ROMANA offers this authentic experience exclusively.

Workshops for children

CIVITAS ROMANA also offers a number of workshops adapted for children.  In an educational and playful way the children will be informed about different themes.  Afterwards they can get their hands dirty and they can try out everything for themselves.

  • Archery
  • Axe and spear throwing
  • Gallo-Roman cooking